Monday, May 08, 2006

Moving along!

When we first decided to start this blog, we had hopes of daily (or weekly, at the very least!) updates. So, I apologize in advance if, in actuality, it happens bi-weekly (or even just rather sporadically) instead.

We really had no way of anticipating the time/energy the project would require from us. Initially, it was going to be something fun that we could work on in-between paying photography gigs... a pet project that would mean something to us and that we could really "get into" since it would combine two of the things we both enjoy-- the art of photography and the art of humanity, itself.

Heather and I love people... Even before this whole process began, we really enjoyed talking to and meeting new people-- hearing stories and finding little tidbits of ourselves in each new person we met-- all while learning about, understanding and appreciating our differences.

We didn't really know what this project would "be"... exactly. Or how we would even go about starting it or finishing it. But we knew we could do it, and we knew it would be fun!

So, we began.

And almost the very instant that it was conceived it began to grow and has been showing us where to take it ever since. It's been over 2 months since we set the wheels in motion. So far we've researched and planned the overall direction of the project, brainstormed interview questions, created an online interview questionaire, developed contact lists, completed 6 photo shoots, met 12 fascinating women in person and we have 30+ more who are awaiting their in-person interviews and photo shoots, AND we have people calling and emailing us (daily!) asking if they can pass along the information to their friends in other cities/states... Little did we know that the project would take on such life of its own.

At some point we realized that it was no longer just "something we could do for fun"... it was going to be so much bigger and more important that that.

We really wish we had more time available each week for interviews, photoshoots, promotional planning, but fortunately for us (and for our landlord, utility companies and other creditors) those paying photography gigs are still rolling in and the day job still expect us to show up! However, unfortunately for the project, we are left to squeeze in sessions, out of town trips and additional research, planning, etc. as we have the time and resources available.

Now, we'll use this blog to inform AND tease :) First of all-- as a way of keeping you (and the WORLD) updated on our progress, and soon-- we'll start sharing a few bits and pieces of the women who ARE the very essence of this project!

At any rate, we truly hope you enjoy meeting and getting to know these women (many of whom we now call friends) as much as we have!!

Please be patient with us and the project-- it is moving forward and growing; slowly but surely...


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