Monday, May 08, 2006

The Women: Cookie

We're going to try to share a little bit of information about each individual/couple/group as we move forward (maybe 1-2 a week). This will give everyone a sneak peek into the project itself as well as a brief introduction to each of the women participating.

Cookie was our first interview, and we couldn't have been more excited (and nervous!). Honestly, I really don't know who's more apprehensive and excited before each meeting: Heather and I or you guys! Wow-- but especially for this first appointment-- we really had no idea what to expect... We could have easily shown up and left disappointed and heartbroken after the first 20 minutes if things didn't happen the way we had dreamed they would.

We met Cookie on a Saturday afternoon during her lunch break from work. And man, does this girl works a LOT! Her career is a big part of her life and of who she is... she's, by far, one of the most intelligent, driven, compassionate, focused (and friendly!) people I've ever met in my life.

Needless to say, we left (3 or so hours later) full of enthusiasm and excitement! Our time with Cookie breathed new life into the project, and proved to us that this WAS indeed going to be all that we knew that it could be!

After a long month+ of planning (and hoping that we could really make this happen)... it WAS actually happening and we were so friggin pumped!

With each new person who, within SUCH a short amount of time, opens up and shares their lives with us-- proves that this really is a worthy and important thing. And with that, our enthusiasm and excitement grows more and more.


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