Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More Photos Soon!

I finished a few more "mini bios", and I hope to post them tonight. We're going to try to keep the site updated as much as possible, but sometimes I get buried in the digital post-processing --er... process, and it takes me awhile to get caught up (especially if we have more than 2-3 photo shoots a week!)

I'm looking into upgrading my computer at home... my old Powerbook G4 is great for working on my design jobs, but I really do need more "umph" (i.e. speed) when it comes to working my 'mad Photoshop skillz' on all of these high-res RAW files :) Once I can sort out a new(er) machine, I'm hoping my workflow efficiency will be MUCH improved!

Anyhoo... that's all (for now!)


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